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The Exiles

Brett Unknown

James Manson

Jimmy James

Josh Impact

Blue Panther

Leader None
Promotion DXX
Brand Massacre

The Exiles was an e-fed stable and tag team who competed primarily on Monday Night Massacre during 2008. They originally conformed of James Manson and Brett Unknown, before the addition of DXX Champion at the time Jimmy James along with Mayhem superstars Josh Impact and Blue Panther for a brief time.




The Exiles were originally made up of James Manson and Brett Unknown, who had been best friends since they were five years of age according to some sources. Together they came to DXX with James trying to get the DXX World's championship and Brett aiming to get the Intercontinental Championship. Brett would end up getting the IC Championship, but James would come close to winning the World Championship on more than one occasion. The April the 14th addition of Massacre had the Exiles going against Kevin Kompiler and White Cloud in a match to become the contenders for the Tag Championships. Little did either team know that the match would be made for The X-Connection's Tag Team Championships just seconds before the bell rang. At the end of the match the Exiles ended up winning the match and the Tag Team Championships.

Addition of Jimmy James

The following week on Massacre Jimmy and James made a deal where if Jimmy won his match against Triple H for the DXX World's championship, he could join The Exiles. At the end of the match, Jimmy walked out with the championship belt after a Disqualification. Making Jimmy an official member of the Exiles.

The End of The Exiles

Following several months of success The Exiles disbanded quietly, with Manson briefly becoming General Manager of Massacre, Unknown ultimately being drafted to Mayhem and Jimmy James retiring and becoming a commentator for Massacre.

In Wrestling

Signature Manoeuvres: Doomsday Rana Alart

Description- Manson/Unknown (who ever is taller) puts victim on shoulders, the other one climbs to the top ropes and dives off snapping off a hurricanrana, but the one holding the victim up grabs there legs in mid air making the victim face plant.

Theme Music: In your Face - Children of Bodom

Championships and Accomplishments

  • D-Generation XX: The Rebirth
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