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The X-Connection was formed in early February 2008 by Kevin Kompiler and White Cloud. The tag team first went for the D-Generation XX Tag Team Titles at The Rebirth against champions, Motor City Machine Guns, they were unsuccesful but had another shot at the titles at Dead On Arrival. After failing again White Cloud influenced Kevin Kompiler to steal the DXX Tag Team Titles. They kept the titles although they hadn't officialy won them. On the first March edition of Monday Night Massacre Angel Of Death and White Cloud faced off in a match. Angel Of Death in the match broke White Cloud's arm. Kevin Kompiler then came down and began betraying his partner and attacking him. The X Connection eventually reformed on the 24th of March edition of Monday Night Massacre after a succesful win in a 6 man tag team match. On the 26th of March at the post WrestleMania 2 show, Supershow, after Kevin Kompiler defeated Mayhem's Christian Alexander. The X Connection were called to Rocco Ross' office along with X-Division Champion Alex Shelley. They were then awarded the DXX Tag Team Titles officially. Much to Alex Shelley's dislike who then attacked the tag team.


The X Connection heldld the DXX Tag Team Championships after being awarded them by Monday Night Massacre general manager Rocco Ross at Supershow on March 26th. Since then the team have disbanded.

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