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Story Number Of Pages Notes
iCarly: iWant Sex 309 (Public)
ICarly: sex adventure  ? (Public)
I'll Be Gentle... 50+ (Public)
I'm just a boy 9 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 10/22/2013, only 9 pages.
Important News 0 (Do Not Edit) (Private)
Impregnator 0 (Public)
In Our Bath 15 (Private) Pit watchlist, last edit 9/9/2013, only 15 pages.
In Space No One Can Hear You Breed 31 (Public)
Incest Seduction 40 (Public)
Incubus (Bisexual Pirate Fantasy) 41 (Public)
inevitable 4 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 8/11/2013, only 4 pages.
+Infinity 1,499 (Public)
Interracial Extravaganza 261 (Public) (Any editing welcome, make all stories about interracial sex.)
Invisible 45 (Public)
Invisible Boy 14 (Public) Pit watchlist, last edit 1/13/2014, only 7 pages.
Island of Dr. Monroe "Breeding Edition"  ? (Private)
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