Icarly: Iwant sex

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is Freddie Benson, you and your best friends; Carly and Sam have been nothing but friends for a long time.

Recently you had kissed Sam in the heat of the moment yet nothing had ever changed after that.

You want it to though, you want Sam and Carly, or even better; a threesome. Can you make your dreams reality?

It's 5:00pm on Friday. iCarly will be in an hour. What do you want to do?

-Visit Carly

-Visit Sam


-Call Carly

-Call Sam

-Call them both at the same time

-Rape your mother

-Get ready for Icarly

-Watch some cartoons

-Sneak in Carly's house

-Sneak in Sam's house

-Go to the groovy smoothie

-Go to the Cheesecake Warehouse

-Go over to the Shays' and try to have a threesome with Carly and Spencer

-Go to school the next day

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