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In this story, you will be a 15 year old freshman, in high school, named Zach. You are tall and thin, but with decent muscles. You have a somewhat outgoing personality; but you can be a little shy. You live in a large house, in an upper-middle class family. Now, lets meet your family!

Rick (dad)- An average sized man in his mid forties. Not too bulky, but not skinny, either. He works as a stock broker in down-town Seattle. He is a pretty strict parent, but can pretty laid back. His hobbies include football, beer, and going to his kid's sporting events.

Kathy (mom)- A short, thick woman in her early forties, with D cup breasts and a nice ass. She is almost always really nice, but can be strict like your dad. Her hobbies include computer games, drinking, and hanging out with friends.

Josh (brother)- A kinda tall, but a little chubby boy in 7th grade. An almost always laid back kid who usually just likes to be lazy. His hobbies include video games (like a lot of video games), some basketball, watching videos on Youtube, reading, and hanging out with friends.

Emily (sister)- A tall, yet really skinny, girl in 3rd grade. She is only 9 so she has yet to develop a mature body. She is high strung and hates you most of the time. Her hobbies include reading, watching TV, singing, and playing with friends.

That's just your regular family. Your aunt and uncle live around the corner and you're really close to them.

Jeff (uncle)- Rick's brother; slightly shorter than Rick. He is a little more chubby than your dad, but still pretty thin. He works in real estate in downtown Seattle. His hobbies are just like Rick's, but Jeff is a little more laid back.

Jill (aunt)- A very thick woman with large breasts and a large ass. She is very straight forward, but loves to have fun. Her hobbies are just like Kathy's, as they are best friends.

Owen (cousin)- A hilariously high strung, and annoying, goody two-shoes. He's not too tall for a sixth grader and is pretty chubby. His hobbies are reading, writing, and playing video games.

Hannah (cousin)- A medium sized girl, in all aspects, with a shy personality. Her body is a little more developed then Emily's, but she is still young. She mostly does stuff with friends.

So that's the family! More characters will be introduced as the story goes on. 18+ so if you're offended by that type of stuff don't read, others enjoy.

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