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Setting: Ashael, a planet maintaining an early 1800's Colonial America level of technology. Modern conveniences such as indoor plumbing, refrigeration, and "horseless" transportation can be had via magic, but only to the wealthy and those willing to bargain with the often greedy and hedonistic mages. Slavery is sanctioned by the government and piracy is condemned by the navy.

Races/Species: Ashael is populated by humans, athaenians, dracorians, faeries (both sidhe and fey), and selkies. Mages and incubi/succubi can only be human, but all species can be changed into vampires or werefolk.

Background: You are Daelin Vrellis, captain of the pirate ship Incubus. You are 37, of average height and build, lean and strong with short black hair and dark blue eyes, your skin tanned and weathered by sun and sea. You also suffer from genetic incubism.

The condition, which requires that the sufferer feed on the sexual pleasure of others, is often attributed to demonic possession. You were lucky. Instead of exorcising you to death, your parents had the presence of mind to take you off-world to a more advanced planet where your condition was diagnosed properly.

The condition, which you refer to as your demon, must be fed no less than every other day in order for you to maintain control over it. On the third day, the "demon" takes over and you will be a passenger in your own body as it rapes the first person it can find. If you can't find someone to feed off of, on the fourth day you die.

When the demon manifests, you change physically, growing horns like a bull and a long, smooth, hairless prehensile tail. Your tongue triples in length and your mouth tastes like peppermint and honey. You also become frighteningly well-endowed, your cock growing to nearly a foot in length and almost as big around as your wrist. Needless to say, you don't like losing control so you try to keep your demon well fed.

That's easy enough when in port, but out at sea your crew must also bear the burden of your condition, and recently they have elected to seek greener pastures on other ships, leaving you high and dry. Only your faithful first mate, Cole Gesriel, a 43 year old werehawk, has decided to stand by you, and together you managed to scrape up a new crew, a generic collection of drunks, scoundrels, and thieves, with two notable exceptions.

Your new cabin boy, Kaerillian Mirrek, has the papers to prove that he's eighteen, but he doesn't look a day over fifteen, his fine, silvery-blond hair cut short and dancing in a nimbus about his head, his eyes a dark violet blue, and the tips of his ears ever-so-slightly pointed. The boy has some athaenian blood in him, you'd bet your left nut on it.

And your new cook/carpenter/surgeon, Takita Oreus, is some sort of faerie, the likes of which you've never seen before. Lithe and slender, he moves with the grace of a hunter or dancer, his long ringed tail swaying behind him. He is covered in fine, silky blue-green fur with black spots edged in silver. His hair is long and braided, the same blue-green as his fur. His golden eyes are slitted like a cat's and you almost expect to see big furry ears on the top of his head, but his ears are no different than yours. His long fingers are graced with sharp black claws that retract into his fingertips and he has the pointed teeth of a predator. An interesting addition, to be sure.

With your crew signed up and your supplies loaded onto the ship, you must now make your first decision of the voyage. The tide is going out and if you want to leave today, you must leave now. However, you had hoped to feed your demon one more time before you set sail. You won't rape anyone if you don't feed tonight, but it means one of your crew will have to satisfy you tomorrow and you had wanted to put that off until they got to know you better. Unless...

This seedy port town is filled with whores and runaways--hundreds of individuals that the world would never miss. You're not above "persuading" one of them to accompany you. You are a pirate, after all.

Do you...

Hunger Key: Sated - Awake - Restless - Hungry - Very Hungry - Starving - Critical
Demon Awake
Location Verix Dae: Dock
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