"In space no one can hear you breed"

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This story was originally written by several authors, for another CYOA site. The original can be found here http://www.chyoo.com/index.php/main.story.cover/3842

Note: When transferring the story over, read through and try to fix any grammatical and spelling errors you find(there are a lot, in case you're wondering). There are also some continuation errors due to lack of communication between the editors, presumably. Some of the pages only have a single option, so you may want to consider combining pages till you reach a choice and represent that you're technically reading a different page by using a line to separate the pages, as seen here.


Computer module D74-8A reporting: Phoenix class Earth colony transport vessel ID: 74-8

Initial colony module has landed successfully.

Chemical reactivation treatment of all passengers nearing completion.

Warning: Error detected in stasis bed 3.

Warning: Error detected in stasis bed 4.

Warning: Error detected in stasis bed 5.

Warning: Error detected in stasis bed 6.

Warning: Error detected in stasis bed 7.

By the time the computer has read off the thirteenth error message, you’re awake enough to begin remembering where you are and how you got here.

Several years ago, the governments of Earth met to address the issue of overpopulation. After weeks of serious deliberation, a solution was announced.

Anyone who wished to leave Earth would be given rights to large chunks of land on a foreign world and provided with a “sleeper ship” to get there.

Your ship, known only as “74-8”, carried over five hundred and fifty people from all over the world, including you, your parents, your two older brothers and your younger sister, as well as enough food and supplies to establish and supply the town you were destined to form.

Something was wrong though. The computer was only supposed to announce an error message if something had gone wrong in one of the beds, but as you stand, still waking from your multi-year sleep, the computer is reading off errors for nearly every bed.

You were in stasis bed #1. As you look into status bed #2 you are comforted by the sight of your sister beginning to stir. Stasis bed #3 was supposed to contain one of your brothers but it seems instead that a skeleton was stored in his place. ‘What an odd joke.’ You think to yourself.

Eventually the grim truth slips into your mind: This wasn't a joke. Something had affected the stasis bed mid-trip and your brother had died without ever regaining consciousness.

‘How will mom and dad take this once they find out that….’ You say out loud.

Bed #4 and #5 were assigned to your parents, but the computer reported errors in them as well. As you reluctantly look at those beds, you find skeletons in them as well. You halfheartedly walk from one bed to the next and in each one you find only skeletal remains.

Due to some catastrophe, it seems only you and your sister survived out of all 550 passengers.

“What’s the matter John? Why do you look so depressed?” your sister, Jane asks you.

Apparently she hasn't looked at the other beds yet.

Do you:

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