Incest Seduction

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- Please do not change character descriptions after they have been developed.
This is also incest here so let's not make our characters physical characteristics ridiculously different from each other.
Yeah, recessive genes pop out here and there and of course there is variances but try to be realistic. - Do not write any sexual encounter about characters under the age of 16. - Please check your spelling. - Please do not change between first, second, or third person writing. CYOA are traditionally in 2nd person. - Let your personalities become part of the characters. - Please enjoy the book, add sexy scenes, and edit out grammar and spelling errors as needed.


Incest Seduction

The Johnson family has lived in their middle class suburban neighborhood for years. James and Kara Johnson have tried to raise the picture perfect family with their three kids, Ryan, Dawn, and Kimberly. Ryan is a 20 year old sophomore college student who lives in the dorms but spends a lot of time at home since the campus is nearby. Dawn is an 18 year old high school senior who loves hanging out with her friends and sometimes her family when she has to, and Kimberly is a 16 year old who would rather be at home than participating in extracurricular activities. As the story starts there are not any current sexual relationships between anybody except James and Kara, the parents. The question is how each member of the family seduces, or gets seduced, by other family members.

It is the middle of Spring, on a breezy April Saturday morning.

Which family member would you like to be?

James Johnson

Kara Johnson

Ryan Johnson

Dawn Johnson

Kimberly Johnson

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