Sanctuary Fortress

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The Sanctuary Fortress is the single semi-secret forum on Charas. Access to the forum is based on total post count; upon aquring enough posts the forum appears on the list to that user as normal.

Sanctuary was originally created as a nerve center to combat the invading trolls during the Troll Invasion. In actuality, the purpose of the forum was to keep the Charas regulars united against the threat while the staff discussed real solutions in MSN conversations. Users needed 800 posts to get in. Sanctuary endlessly debated tactics to stop the trolls, none of which went anywhere. After the staff authorized an attack on the trolls' forums, Sanctuary became littered with arguments, mostly starting from one member or another saying that everyone else was acting like children and that they were taking a few days off.

Sanctuary was closed on a bitter note in early May 2006, having failed in its main purpose to keep the forums together but, strangely, succeeding in its secondary one of actually getting the trolls to go away. The forum was never deleted however, only made invisible to all non-Moderators. SaiKar held a certain nostalgic like for the place and couldn’t bear to delete it.

On October 28th, 2006, Sanctuary was reopened as a place where users could directly debate the state and future of the forums in a mature setting. The required posts to gain entry was lowered to 150. It has had only a few topics since being reopened but seems to be functioning in its new roll. All of the original topics from the Troll Invasion are still visible as well.

The name “Sanctuary Fortress” comes from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, a game that Sai was playing when he needed to create the forum.

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