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Members Danny Draiman
Patrick Blade
Joey Spade
Name Revolution
Debut 2005
Promotion XSW

Revolution is a backyard wrestling heel stable in Xtreme Street Wrestling which consists of Patrick Blade, Danny Draiman and Joey Spade.

The most influential group in the history of Xtreme Street Wrestling, is without a doubt Revolution. With members Patrick Blade, Danny Draiman, and Joey Spade, as well as former members Christopher Trust, and Rated R, they have dominated the XSW scene for years. It seems like nothing can stop them but their own egos. All members, past and present, have been multiple time XSW World Heavyweight Champions, as well as many other accolades in their careers.



Revolution was first created in 2005, with the three founding members being Patrick Blade and Danny Draiman. They were later joined by Christopher Trust. After Summer Sanitarium, Danny Draiman got kicked out of the group, replaced by Joey Spade. And it was now Blade, Trust, and Joey Spade. Joey Spade was the General Manager at the time, and wound up firing Patrick Blade, and replaced him with Rated R. After Christopher Trust was fired, it was down to just two members. Joey Spade then tricked Rated R, getting him drunk and defeated him for the XSW World Heavyweight Championship, kicked him out of Revolution, and began calling himself The One Man Revolution.

At ShowDown 4, Joey Spade defeated Team 187 in a handicap match, and then retired from active competition. Spade’s twin brother,, Psycho, was attacked backstage and defeated for his XSW Hardcore Championship. At the end of the show, we found out that it was Joey Spade who attacked him, using a fake retirement speech to fool everyone, and joined up with Patrick Blade and Danny Draiman to reform Revolution.

In 2007, After Joey Spade “accidentally” won the XSW Intercontinental Championship from Patrick Blade in a triple threat match, pinning Draven, a rift was made between the two. Draiman tried to intervene, but it was no use and Revolution was torn apart by their own egos. At Summer Sanitarium of that year, all three faced off in a triple threat Iron Man match for the Intercontinental Title, the stipulation being that the person with the least falls would get fired. Patrick Blade won the match, and Draiman, with the least falls, was subsequently fired. We thought we saw the last of Revolution, until…

Showdown 6 was a monumental event in the history of XSW. Stars were made, and yet again, Revolution reunited. Danny Draiman and Joey Spade competed in a match against each other, with Draiman getting the victory. XSW General Manager Joey Slimz came out to confront both men. Patrick Blade came out of nowhere and all three attacked Slimz and reunited as Revolution once again.

2009 saw an abrupt change in Revolutions demeanor. They say that they are disgusted with the lack of respect that they are shown from newer roster members to the veterans of XSW, namely themselves. They beat down newer members and are on a quest to rid XSW of its disrespecting members. They are attacking everyone in their way, those against them, and those who won’t join them in their mission.


Incarnation: Notes: Members:
Revolution (2005) Original incarnation in XSW Danny Draiman, Patrick Blade, Christopher Trust
Revolution (2005) Second incarnation in XSW Patrick Blade, Christopher Trust, Joey Spade
Revolution (2005) Third incarnation in XSW Joey Spade, Christopher Trust, Rated R
Revolution (2006-2009) Fourth incarnation in XSW Danny Draiman, Patrick Blade, Joey Spade
Revolution (2009) Fith incarnation in XSW Danny Draiman, Patrick Blade, Nick Sturgill

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