Xtreme Street Wrestling

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Xtreme Street Wrestling
Acronym XSW
Established 2003-present
Founder Patrick Blade
Owner Danny Draiman
Style Athletic and technical wrestling
Format Park Action (backyard) wrestling
Wrestling base Ground
Location Brooklyn, New York
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Xtreme Street Wrestling (XSW) is a backyard wrestling federation that was founded in 2003 by Patrick Blade and is based in Brooklyn, New York.



Xtreme Street Wrestling took form in 2003, Created by Patrick Blade, Its first ever World Heavyweight champion of the federation Vein now known as Christopher Trust, who is the on air owner. The outset of the federation brought forth some struggle, but the acquired talent of Patrick Blade, Rated R and Draven assisted the organization through to the next year, where a debuting Danny Draiman and Joey Spade helped to further the recognition of XSW.

In 2005, XSW achieved its highest period with the assistance of well-known Wrestling's Future Athletes (WFA), agreeing on to a partnership deal that allowed talent such as Jesse West, Sinister, Mike Hardy, Twizted etc. to compete in XSW. A vast decline from being one of New York's finest federations occured shortly a year later, during the departure of Rated R and various other performers. However, echoing off the following struggles and setbacks, XSW revived with the talent employment of Quarterz and Caution among others.

In trying to regain credibility, they engaged in another partnership agreement with 2KW, consequently resulting in 2007 regarded as their most elite year. They worked with 2KW co-producing high profile shows, while in the process, attempting to refreshen their standards. In 2008, XSW endured more issues but reached a high note at the realization of the problem by the year's conclusion. Furthermore, high expectations for a better year lie in 2009.

Current Champions

Championships Current Champion Date Won Event
XSW World Heavyweight Championship
ShowDown 6
XSW Intercontinental Championship
Spring Massacre
XSW Hardcore Championship
Spring Massacre

Defunct Championships

Championships Final Champion(s) Date Won Event
XSW Tag Team Championship
Hazard & Caution

Outside involvements

External links

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