XSW World Heavyweight Championship

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XSW World Heavyweight Championship
Current Champion Caution
Date won March 7, 2009
Promotion Xtreme Street Wrestling
Date introduced 2003
Most reigns Patrick Blade
First champion Christopher Trust
Longest reign Joey Spade
Shortest reign Danny Draiman

The XSW World Heavyweight Championship is a backyard wrestling primary championship in Xtreme Street Wrestling. It is the highest ranked title in all of the federation and has been around since the initiation period. As it is called a "world" title, it only applies within the world in which is XSW and is not an actual international championship.


Since the World Heavyweight Championship was introduced in 2003 into Xtreme Street Wrestling there has only been 10 World Heavyweight Champions which include Christopher Trust, Patrick Blade, Rated R, Draven, Psycho, Danny Draiman, Joey Spade, Jew, Quarterz and Caution.


The current XSW World Heavyweight Champion is Caution, who won the championship in a Triple Threat Match at ShowDown 6 against then champion Quarterz and Draven, after gaining the right to do so by winning the 2008 Over the Top match.
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