Danny Draiman

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Danny Draiman
Ring name(s) Danny Draiman, Malice
Height 6'0"
Weight 185
Born Novemember 27, 1987 (age 21)
Resides Brooklyn, NY
Debut 2003

Danny Draiman is an American backyard wrestler in XSW and WFA. He is a current member of Revolution along with Patrick Blade and Joey Spade.


Xtreme Street Wrestling

The Definition of Greatness (2004-2005)

Danny Draiman debuted in 2004 along with long time friend Psycho, both men became champions very fast, but for Draiman he soon realized that he is much better then what people believe, In 2005 Draiman got his break by co creating Revolution along with Patrick Blade latter naming more members but must known is Joey Spade, Draiman was becoming a huge name in XSW holding every title there is to hold that very year, Danny Draiman became the very first person to win the now annual Over The Top and went on to ShowDown to become XSW World Heavyweight Champion.

Remember The Name (2005-2006)

When 2006 came along everyone knew Danny Draiman, as he became a household name in the land of Park Wrestling, The Definition of Greatness went on to face battle after battle that year, but at the 06 Destiny Rising show Draiman became 3 time World champion, now he became a legend in XSW and he made sure that everyone would remember the name.

The End of Revolution (2006-2007)

2007 some call XSW highest point, but to Draiman it was to prove himself that he is the greatest, at Summer Sanitarium he fought Joey Spade and Patrick Blade in a Iron Man Match in wich the person with the least ammount of fall must retire that just so happened to be Danny Draiman. With Draiman now gone he former partner Patrick Blade couldn't be more happy gloating around saying he ended the career of Danny Draiman, Blade got so cocky he defended his XSW Intercontinental Championship against Malice, in what at the time we thought was Malice's first win, and Blade went crazy and determined to make a fool of Malice, at Over the Top Blade fought Malice and when he went to take off the mask it was revealed to be Danny Draiman, Blade in awe gave Draiman enough time to roll the man up for the win.

The Bitch Slapping Machine (2007-Present)

By the off season time there was talk of Draiman finally calling it a quits, and when 2008 came around he pretty much did just that after he won his 5th World title, the next week he lost it and decided to retire, many controversy has come from this but he was done or so we thought, later that year Danny Draiman returned to surprise the fans, and he came back a new warrior, he came back a Bitch Slapping Machine, Draiman went on to SLAP so many bitches it wasn't funny, but it wasn't until ShowDown 6 when Draiman revealed his real reason for his return, along with Revolution they are taking back Xtreme Street Wrestling and only time will tell what will happen?

Wrestling's Future Athletes

The Definition of Hardcore (2006)

Higher Society (2008-Present)

Finishing and Signature Moves

Danny Draiman nailing the 360 Sad Exchange on Great Styles.
  • Finishing Moves
    • 360 Sad Exchange (Spinning Unprettier)
    • The MurderScene (Inverted Pepsi-Plunge)
    • Cattle Mutilation
  • Signature Moves
    • Tornado DDT
    • Tornado Suplex
    • STO
    • The Crown
    • The Verdict

Championships and Accomplishments

Entrance Themes

  • " Back Burner " by August Burns Red (Current)
  • " 94 Hours " by As I Lay Dying
  • " The End " by Team Heafy
  • " Humane " by Lacuna Coil
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