XSW Hardcore Championship

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XSW Hardcore Championship
Current Champion Nick Sturgill
Date won March 29, 2009
Promotion Xtreme Street Wrestling
Date introduced 2004
Most reigns Joey Spade
First champion Draven
Longest reign Psycho
Shortest reign Jew

The XSW Hardcore Championship is a backyard wrestling secondary championship in Xtreme Street Wrestling. It is the third highest ranked title in all of the federation and has been around since 2004


"The Phenomenon" Draven was the first ever XSW Hardcore Champion, defeating "The Hardcore Legend" Rated-R in a match to determine the first champion. Since its inception in 2004, a whos who of Backyard Wrestling, and even some out of wrestling altogether, have held the championship, including Patrick Blade, Draven, Danny Draiman, Joey Spade, Psycho, Jew, Quarterz.


The current XSW Hardcore Champion is Nick Sturgill, who won the championship at Spring Massacre '09 against then champion Joey Slimz
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