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Ring name(s) Draven, Christian Ares
Height 5'10"
Weight 140
Born February 26, 1987 (age 22)
Resides Detroit, MI (Draven) City of Angels (Christian Ares)
Debut 2003

Draven is an American backyard wrestler in Xtreme Street Wrestling and Wrestling's Future Athletes. He is one of the "XSW Originals" and is the first person in XSW history to become a Triple Crown champion, the first to hold all singles titles, and tied-1st for becoming the first ever Grand Slam Champion, when he and Rated R won the XSW Tag Team Championship. He is also the first person to hold both the XSW World Heavyweight Championship and the WFA World Heavyweight Championship.


The Phenomenon

Xtreme Street Wrestling (2003-2006)

Draven has been in XSW since the beginning. He won every major title in XSW within his first year of wrestling. His fist XSW World Heavyweight Championship reign started in 2004 when he defeated Patrick Blade. Also in 2004, Draven became the first ever XSW Hardcore Champion. In 2005, Draven feuded with the likes of Danny Draiman, Patrick Blade, and Christopher Trust, among others. 2006 would mark a turnaround for Draven. At XSW Soul Survivor, Draven turned on his team, superkicking Patrick Blade and costing his team the match, and thus changed his name to "The God of War" Christian Ares, and aligned himself with Joey Spade. Along with Spade, Ecks, and Malice, they were known as the "Spade Brigade". 2006 would also see Draven return to the heavyweight title picture when he won a winners choice battle royal on XSW Downfall and went on to defeat Danny Draiman the same night to start his second reign as champion. This reign was short lived when Draven lost the title back to Draiman in a 30 Minute Ironman match, with the help of Revolution members Patrick Blade and Joey Spade.

Xtreme Street Wrestling (2007-2008)

2007 was a banner year for Draven, winning the XSW World Heavyweight Championship for a 3rd time, putting his career on the line against Danny Draiman in a "Final Assault" match. He would go on to defend his title against wrestlers such as Patrick Blade, Malice, and Quarterz, before losing it to Joey Spade after Spade cashed in his Money in the Bank contract after Draven had a hard fought match against Quarterz. We thought we saw the end of Draven at XSW Revelations 2007 where he lost a "Loser Must Retire" Match against Patrick Blade. In 2008, Draven returned with a vengeance, winning the XSW World Heavyweight Championship in his first match back, making this his 4th reign. He would hold it until Solitary Confinement 2008 where he lost a Last Man Standing Match against Jew, which would become the XSW 2008 Match of the Year.

Wrestling's Future Athletes (2008)

In 2008, Draven debuted in WFA as Christian Ares, a man promoting and praising God while "saving" the souls of WFA Superstars. At the WFA Royal Park Rumble 2008 event, he defeated Sinister and Twiztid for the WFA InterBorough Championship.

Xtreme Street Wrestling (2009)

2009 hasn't exactly been a great year for Draven so far. At the first XSW Downfall of 2009, he lost a triple threat match for the XSW World Heavyweight Championship against Quarterz and champion Caution, getting pinned by Caution. At XSW Spring Massacre 2009 he was defeated by Cozz. At XSW End of Days 2009, he lost a match to Patrick Blade. With this loss, he had to join Revolution's cause against the newcomers in XSW. At XSW Solitary Confinement, he defeated Jew to win the XSW Hardcore Championship for a 7th time. He defeated Joey Slimz at XSW Soul Survivor, but lost the Hardcore title to Rob Hazard at XSW Summer Sanitarium. At XSW Over the Top, Draven was one of the final competitors in, before being eliminated by Jew. He has recently qualified for the Money In The Bank Ladder match at XSW Showdown VII, defeating SD3 to qualify.

Wrestling's Future Athletes (2009)

Christian Ares continued on as WFA Interborough Champion until WFA Unfinished Business, where he lost the belt to Enforcer. He fought Twiztid for the WFA World Heavyweight Championship, but lost in controversial fashion, as the referee counted to three without seeing Ares' foot on the ropes. Christian Ares managed to secure a rematch and became WFA World Heayweight Champion for the first time where he pinned Twiztid in a triple threat match at WFA Rising Against, which also featured the Royal Park Rumble winner, Jesse West.

Finishing and Signature Moves

Draven nailing the Phenomenizer on Patrick Blade.
  • Finishing Moves
    • Phenomenizer(XSW) The Amen(WFA) (Inverted Double-Underhook Mat Slam)
    • Catastrophe (Shining Wizard)
  • Signature Moves
    • Superkick
    • Eye of The Crow
    • 313
    • Christ Air
    • Spinning Heel Kick
    • Lock 'n Load(XSW) Fall From Grace(WFA)

Championships and Accomplishments

Entrance Themes

  • " Fixation of the Darkness " by Killswitch Engage (Current- XSW)
  • " Hate " by Drowning Pool (XSW)
  • " Soulfire " by 12 Stones (Current- WFA)
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