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Ultionicle is a comedy, wich can be found at BZPower.

Class Comedy
Title/Job To make people laugh
Author Ultiamas
Co-Author Kaboutops Man
Wiki Manager ~Toa Of Rahi~
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  • Ultiamas, the easily annoyed Toa of Everything.
  • Tuluk, an Matoran of Time,Chronicler and Ultiamas's best friend.
  • Shredder,a Ga-Matoran and freind of Ultiamas.
  • Rahkshi of Cookies,the idiotic Rahkshi and a freind of Ultiamas.
  • DarkLight,the trouble-making Matoran and a freind of Ultiamas.
  • Kaboutops Man, the Toa and gardian of Dragons and the Co-Author of Ultionicle.
  • Tohunga vezon and kar, another easily anoyed Toa of Sonics.
  • ~Toa Of Rahi~, the Rahi language knowing Toa of Air.
  • Dr. Khols, the sane, girl hating, Av-matoran that has powers over everything like Ultiamas.


The story is about the Toa Ultiamas, and his friends' adventure.


  • Ultionicle was started November 17th 2007, by Ultiamas.
  • Ultionicle is rated 2 stars by ~Toa Of Rahi~.
  • Ultionicle is rated 4 stars by tohunga vezon and kar.
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