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Class Author,Matoran of Everything
Title/Job Author of Ultionicle
Mask Yellow Vason in the shape of a Matatu
Toa Title Toa of Everything
Title/Job Author
Mask Gold Vason in the shape of a Avohkii
Tools Power Swords
Status Alive, protecting his Studio
Pronunciation Ulti-a-mAs
BZPower profile
Ultiamas in Valor Form



Ultiamas is a very special Matoran,a Matoran of all elements,a Matoran of everything. After he met Tuluk,who is currently Chronicler and Ultiamas's best friend,he decided to make his own comedy on BZPower, called Ultionicle.

Ultiamas in Wisdom Form

Time as a Toa

After finding a Toa Stone in Ep 4,He went to the Ultisuva, and became a Toa of Everything and the greatest Toa ever created.He currently has a Co-author named Kaboutops Man. He is currently working on new episodes for Ultionicle and his own comic series called Ultionicle Studios, which take place before Ultionicle.

Ultiamas in Master Form

Other Things You Might Want To Know

His current favorite songs are:Move Along by the All-American Rejects,Invincible by (probably)Pat Benatar and Hero by AIK,He listens to them on his iPod.

Ultiamas in Final Form




Ability Description
Master StrikeA powerful combo finish where Ultiamas performs a flurry of blows and ends in a giant "X" slash.
DisasterA powerful combo finish in which Ultiamas spins through the air, gathering a ball of wind around him. Ultiamas can move around during the combo period to entrap enemies around him, dealing grinding damage until Ultiamas releases the wind in a powerful blast.
Magic MasterIncreases the overall capabilities of Magic attacks.
Brave ShotA strong combo finisher that knocks an opponent into the air.
Brave BeatA strong combo finisher that damages many opponents with multiple hits.
Sonic StrikeUltiamas spears an enemy with one of his Keyblades midair, dealing massive damage. With Omega Finale, Sonic Strike can be executed into a one-hit attack.
Sonic EndA powerful combo where Ultiamas slashes furiously in midair, ending with a powerful "X" slash.
Over the HorizonUltiamas lunges the targeted enemy.
Omega FinaleAllows combo finisher to be executed in the middle of a combo.
Retaliating SlashWhen knocked onto the air,Ultiamas can do a quick recovery and execute several air slashes surrounding him.
Magic Haste Magic spells requires less time to execute, thus allowing faster Magic combos.
Magic SpiceMagic combo finishers are powered up, either inflicting more damage or curing more HP.
Final ArcanaA strong combo finisher that damages one opponent through skillful use of the Keyblades.
Final ArtsA strong combo finisher that takes out many enemies in one swing.
Auto AssaultThe Keyblades attack freely in various ways.
Crime & PunishmentReleases strong magic using the power of both Keyblades.
Mobile ActionActions can be executed while moving.
Ars ArcanumUltiamas lunges onto an enemy and delivers a series of ground combos. In order to trigger this attack,Ultiamas must be near to a locked on enemy.
RagnarökUltiamas leaps into the air and delivers a series of air combos at a group of enemies, in order to trigger this attack,Ultiamas must be close to an locked on air enemy.
Strike RaidUltiamas hurls his Keyblade at a an enemy, in order to trigger this attack, enemy must be locked on and Ultiamas must be in a far distance from the enemy.
Sonic BladeUltiamas lunges past enemies with Keyblade in hand with high speed. In order to trigger this attack,Ultiamas must be in mid-range from a locked on enemy. A total of five lunges, including the starting lunge can be executed.


Ability Description
Aerial DodgeA double jump where Ultiamas does another leap in mid-air, accessible via pressing the Circle button.
High JumpAn enhancement of jump where Ultiamas does a backflip in mid-air.
Quickrun Ultiamas performs a quick dash on the ground.
GlideUltiamas can glide through the air.
Dodge RollUltiamas executes a quick roll in a short distance, all attacks are negated during the period of rolling.


Ability Description
Sync BladeLets Ultiamas choose to wield two Keyblades at once.
Air Combo PlusAdded attacks to prolong air combos.
Endless MagicMagic combos can continue indefinitely.
MP HastegaMP recharges 1.23 times faster than normal.

Red=not that powerful.

Yellow=Pretty powerful

Blue=Focuses on magic.

Whiteish=Very powerful.

Peach=Extremaly powerful.

Ultiamas and Friends
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