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Dr. Khols

Dr. Khols is a member of BZPower.com, and the 3rd PGS on Ultionicle.

Dr. Khols as a character in Ultionicle.

  • Past: Dr. Khols is an Av-matoran that used to live in Karda Nui. Dr. Khols left Karda Nui because he wanted to see the rest of the world, and return to Karda Nui and tell the other matoran about his journeys. But before he could return, he heard that Karda Nui was being attacked by blind Makuta and evil Shadow Matoran. Feeling sorrow for his friends(excluding the female matoran), he wanted to come to somewhere he could feel better. Thats when he found Ultionicle, a place full of people that could be his new friends (Excluding Darkness, Tark, Rahkshi of Darkness, and Shredder.(Because she's a girl.)).
  • Weapons: Dr. Khols's weapons are two poisoned daggers.
  • Mask: Dr. Khols wears a grey Kakama: Mask of Speed.
  • Personality: Dr. Khols is 99.9 sane. The other .1 percent is sadness for his fellow Av-Matoran. Dr. Khols is also extremely smart, probably the smartest character in Ultionicle.
  • Powers: Like Ultiamas, Dr. Khols has the power of everything.


  • Dr. Khols doesn't get along with girls, and downright hates them.
  • Because of this, he and Shredder don't get along well.
  • Dr. Khols joined Ultionicle on December 28th, 2007.
  • Dr. Khols has an extremely high tolerence to the cold.
  • Dr. Khols does not like to use his powers often.
  • Dr. Khols prefers to be in the heat.
  • Dr. Khols is finished working on the Ultionicle Banner, and has given the code.
  • For some reason, he never gets hurt in the comedy.

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