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Toa Dovydas, joined BZP on 8th June 2007, although he knew about it a lot earlier. On 18th January of 2008, TD joined the comedy Ultionicle, which he was linked to by his best friend's, ~Toa of Rahi~'s, signature. Toa Dovydas became a temporary guest star, and later TD became a PGS in Ultionicle Studios, comics about Ultionicle. His interests include gaming, field hockey and reading. He's a big fan of Flow of the River and TD's got his own gaming company on BZP. He posts mostly in Fan Created Games... but is frustrated that only a few do. Other favored boards include Artwork I, II and III, Bionicle-Based Creations, sometimes RPG, and rarely, when he's bored, Games and Trivia.

Matoran Life

Dovydas, or Kapura, was created 800,000 years ago by the Great Beings. He lived a life as the right hand of the Turaga of Ta-Metro(No, I didn't mispell Metru. BLAME ~TOR~ FOR THE NAME!). In Lith-Nui(Great Destiny is the meaning), in the Shadowy Age, darkness attacked, in the form of infected Rahi and some Skakdi monster. Before the Turaga died, he gave Kapura his Toa Stone, as did all the Turaga to some of his friends in other villages. They, at deep night, travelled to a temple in the middle of the ocean, where they were instructed to. Beams from the Lith Suva inside the temple, Alzara-Kini(or Lith-Kini), stroke them and as they were knocked on the ground, their masks knocked off, they turned into Toa.

Toa Life and Kanohi Rode Loss

Kapura advanced to lead his force of valiant new Toa into battle, and after time, they defeated the enemies. However, one of the Dark Hunters' Hordika Dragons attacked Lith-Nui while all the other Toa were away of Lith-Nui, so he attempted to defeat it, but even though he managed, the Hordika Dragon destroyed Kapura's Rode, so he went on a daredevil mission in Karzahni to steal Lhikan's, and later Jaller's, mask, hoping that it would give him it's powers that it had while it belonged to Lhikan. And what d'you know? The shape remains like Jaller's, but the powers are real! So, on the way home, he encounters Ultiamas, and Lekori(~ToR~), and decides to stay a while.


Kapura shows many abilities while being a Toa, including his Calix team formation, in which he plays a vital part, Omega 7.2 Altra, where he releases a blast of fire, Nixie(his team's Ga-Toa) fires a blast of water with the Ko-Toa(I forgot his name. A little help, ~ToR~?!) coldening the water enough to paralyze the opponent with cold so he cannot resist Kapura's firebeam, or his signature attack, Joined Fire Hexagon, where he releases six beams of fire and they connect, making a hexagon of fire that he can control. His ultimate attack is the "Recreating Kanohi Dragon Flame" where he creates a dragon head of fire that can almost be impossible to defeat.


  • While he was a matoran and after the incident of the Hordika Dragons' Attack, he was called a twin of Jaller, what annoyed him.
  • Toa Dovydas, the BZP member, believes most people ignore his topics.
  • Every time Dovydas sees a spelling mistake, he's angry or at least frustrated.
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