Zakitano:Tiny Toa of Air

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BZPower guy

Zakitano is a great comic maker([1]).

Zakitano known as a matoran

Zakitano is mostly known as a matoran, even though he's a Tiny Toa.

I is Awesome Toa

Zakitano is a tiny toa with the elemental power of air. He wields Hakann bombs and an all-purpose staff.


  • Zakitano hates Wal-Mart with a passion.
  • Zakitano loves otters 'cause they're so cute.
  • Zakitano has bombs in the shape of Hakann but also as special inverting Zaktan boms.
  • Or about yourself.
  • Anything.
  • Dates, join dates, anything.
  • Of course, anything you want.
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