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Kaboutops Man is Ultionicle's Co-author. He has a Lava Gun, and wears the Kanohi Krakson, Mask of Dragon Control. He can also switch between Toa and Matoran. The story of this is unknown so far. One other fact, he guards the Draco Symbol,which is the "life stone" of all dragons. His main rival is Tark.


  • KM is the first ever person to do something for Ultionicle.
  • KM resently(sp) lost his ability to switch beetween Toa and Matoran(Is only a Matoran now).
  • KM's mask as a Matoran is a Great Huna.
  • KM, belive it or not, is made of protodites, which means he can toss his arm around.
  • KM lived in Nuvu Nui before Ultionicle began.More info about this has yet to be uncovered.

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