Fuck You Too Incident

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RationalWikiWiki would like to apologize in advance for:

  • any bad language which may appear in this article.
  • any confusion over the initial sequence of events at Conservapedia. This confusion may have been caused by conservative deceit or RationalWiki socking activity may have confused the trail. If anyone can clarify the sequence the management would be grateful.

and now on with the main event.

The mildly exciting "Fuck You Too" incident was a spill-over from a socking instance at Conservapedia.


CP History

Apparently the usually mild-mannered Hojimachong was experimenting with a bit of sock puppetry at CP and also involved in a bit of a battle on CP Sysop Karajou's talk page when he generated this response from CP Sysop Karajou:

  • Nobody spends that much time in any branch of the military and not learn something about whom you work with. In the military such conduct is at the very least against good order and discipline, and I've seen people thrown out of the Navy with similar liberal persuasions after serving a fraction of the time that Jimmy claims he spent in the Air Force.

At some later point a comment of Hojimachong's caused Helpjazz to either post, or more probably make a block comment, to Hojimachong: "come back when you've graduated high school"

As far as can be seen from the quoted diff links this caused Hojimachong - in the persona of his sock "18principle" to respond as follows:

  • "really mature"? Yeah, it was. I'll tell you who's fucking mature - Karajou, for having his head so far up his crusty ass that he can't seem to comprehend that plenty of liberals have served proudly in the armed forces. I take that as a personal insult against my family members (listed in the post), and now have a personal vendetta against Karajou. I hope you fucking die, cuntlicking bastard. And btw, The Obama guy wasn't me. Only Conservator18 and IHNamendment.

He posted similar comments in other places at the same time some of which have been put up for speedy deletion by Helpjazz.:

  • Karajou, you're about the biggest fucking asshole I will ever have the displeasure to realize the existence of. Your latest spewing of shit ([1]) claims that the only legitimate members of the armed forces are conservatives, and that liberals get "kicked out" for being liberals. Fuck you, Karajou. Tell that to my liberal grandpa, who served in Vietnam. Tell that to my great-great-great-great grandpa, who fought for the union in the Civil War. Tell that to my liberal great-grandpa, who landed in Normandy on D-Day. Karajou, you were nothing more than a swabbie, with delusions of grandeur, who didn't progress in the military because you can't see past these obscenely shallow preconceptions. Fuck you, Karajou, and learn what the fuck you're talking about before you open that cesspool you call a mouth. Honestly, you make me want to slap a baby.

CP "Helpjazz" blocked "18principle" (AKA,Hojimachong, AKA Hoj) On CP for five years and added the comment whine whine. It must be admitted that pronouncing a personal vendetta on somebody, swearing at them and then wishing death on them would probably draw an administrative response from even the most liberal body - on CP it is akin to saying "I wonder if I could trouble you for a good long block sir?"

Activity moves to RW

After being blocked on CP, Hoj took the battle to RationalWiki where he took it out on living dead RW editor Jazzman831 by creating a section headed: "Fuck you too" on Jazzman's talk page. Beneath which he wrote the following words:

"Do you have any kind of humanitarian sextant? Compass? No? Thought so, you miserable scumbag."

Jazzman831 objected strenuously and was pounced on by Tmtoulouse, Human, and Interpreted. Meanwhile NightFlare, and to an extent AmesG, tried to pour oil on troubled waters without much success, while Lurker, that regular thorn in RW's side, chimed in on JazzMan's part.

The Blocks Begin

Hoji asked Human for a 20 minute block to cool down and Human obliged.

SusanG issued a malicious block against Jazzman831 for 20 minutes, and this took the excitement to her talk page. Accusations of fascism abounded from all parties.

Hoji issued another malicious block against Jazzman831 for five minutes, but Interpreted unblocked him.

Interpreted then had a sudden attack of even-handedness and blocked everybody for 20 minutes including Paris Hilton.

The process disintegrated into one of RW's famous blockfiests with everybody blocking everybody including themselves. More of the living dead joined in when Cracker started issuing unblocks.


Somewhere around Headless Chicken Mode two or three.


Jazzman831 continues to receive various messages asking him to singlehandedly resolve problems at CP.

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