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A malicious block is a type of inappropriate block carried out by RationalWiki Sysops.


Reason for block

Unfortunately those who have suffered the trauma of an unfair block on Conservapedia sometimes wish to inflict the same trauma onto innocent people. Though understandable such behaviour should never be acceptable.

Duration of block

Sometimes N seconds sometimes longer


  • When a Sysop is in debate with another user or Sysop and uses the block power in anger.
  • When Sysop wishes to silence or intimidate a troublesome user with whom they have an intellectual or emotional difference of opinion.
  • When a Sysop wishes to punish a user (or another Sysop) for doing something the Sysop personally doesn’t like but which is not covered by site standards.
  • When a Sysop really can't be bothered to argue.

Common lame excuses

  • It was only n seconds or n minutes.
  • X is also a sysop, so they could have unblocked themselves.
  • I think they deserved it.
  • If this were Conservapedia I would have given you an infinite block, so please don't complain.
  • I only blocked the user from editing anonymously. He/she could still log in and edit (and get torn apart verbally by the other users).


It depends on who received the block, if they complain, and who stands up for them. They may precipitate Headless Chicken Mode.


These sysops have all given malicious blocks. Some of the more memorable incidents are also mentioned.

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