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Wikinterpreter is a well-established user of RationalWiki, known for his friendliness and rationality, but also for his odd attraction to epic trolling of sites such as Stormfront and Metapedia, like an internet hate machine. He may also have coined the phrase 'liaise with the cabal', motto of ([1]) and the RationalWiki Forums ([2]), but it was in fact presented as just a random comment post-facto, in order to wind up the Conservapedia admins, since he joined the Cabal at the beginning of RW 2.0, a mere month after it was loosely formed.

Amazingly, he is also one of the few users so eager to see his name in lights that he actually wrote his own self-serving thumbnail as can be seen above. Bad Wikinterpreter, bad.

Anyway, the user previously known as Wikinterpreter signs off with an indecipherable username which now takes us to "Interpreted". There is probably some profound significance to all this that passes mere mortals by. (He had his user name changed because he now interprets more than just wikis, apparently.)

As one of the few Christian experts at RW he is fluent in ancient Greek, biblical Hebrew, Latin and early Indo-European. His most recent project is to produce a RationalWiki translation of the bible in Sanskrit. Unfortunately, this is one of the few dead languages in which he is not fluent. Consequently he has arranged to have the technical assistance of AKjeldsen and Researcher, and theological advice from closet Christians SusanG and Icewedge.

Sometime around 2010, Wikinterpreter has his fine self renamed "Interpreted". His signature is still a series of unintelligible squiggles, though, so it's not that noticeable.

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