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 Joined: 7-22-07[1]
 Real name: n/a
 Age range: 63[2]
 Gender: female
 Locale: United Kingdom.
 Stance: antitheist
 Misc.: feminist; widow
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SusanG is RationalWiki is one of the hardline antitheists on RationalWiki (while one of several, along with Genghis Khant and Bob M, no other is as infamous for their abrasive and often belittling way of expressing it). She is also respected and highly valued for her construction of much of the 'Help' pages and the 'navbox' systems. She was sysoped on Sept. 1, 2007 by Human.[3] Seems to share a certain level of comradery with Genghis Khant[4]

She is stern but generally approachable. She is also quite tolerant of AmesG's and Human's attempts to hit on her. Occasionally, however, she reveals a more hardline, intolerant side of herself, particularly when it comes to religion. In this respect, she often butts heads with resident theist AKjeldsen.

SusanG, unfortunately, reacts very strongly when others disregard her.


Kip the Dip Incident

See main article: Kip the Dip Incident

In the Kip the Dip Incident, AKjeldsen overreacted to a mildly snarky comment made by SusanG on new user Kip the Dip's page, and blocked her for 9 hours.[5] Furious, SusanG unblocked herself and announced her permanent departure from RationalWiki. Fortunately, she forgave AKjeldsen and decided to remain at the wiki.

Susan takes her ball and goes home

Most recently, after making abrasive and belittling comments ([1], [2]) about the religious on the main talk page in a brief verbal tussle with Marcus Cicero, Human responded to her comments there[6] and then went to lecture her on her talk page.[6] He then, in a moment of profoundly bad timing, logged off for the night, leaving the wiki to fend for itself against SusanG's wrath.

SusanG asked to be desysoped[7] and then promptly banned herself for 5 years.[5] Blocked and planning on no longer being able to unblock herself, she proceeded to remove references to herself across RationalWiki as an IP.[8]. After blanking her own Essay:Credo, Genghis Khant (clearly running on autopilot and only seeing an IP blank an essay) banned her, then unblocked her once he realized it was Susan.[9] For the short time her first IP's ban was in effect, Susan returned as another IP and continued purging her presence from the wiki.[10] Genghis Khant then attempts to calm SusanG down.[11] Susan unblocked herself only to delete the essay she previously blanked[12] and change her userpage to inform others of her permanent departure from RationalWiki.[13]

Despite the seeming frenzy described in the above paragraph, this entire incident was very abrupt, coming out of nowhere, very low key, involving only SusanG, Marcus Cicero, Human, Genghis Khant (and, if you really want to stretch things, Radioactive afikomen, who was seemingly the only other user to notice that something was going on[14]), and fast, lasting less than 90 minutes.[15]

If an accurate article is ever written about this incident, you will be able to read it at Great Pissing Contest.


It is not known whether SusanG has really gone for good (she has). If she is, how will RationalWiki handle the abrupt loss of one of their most established editors (she'll be forgotten in about 2 days)?

It seems SusanG has returned. Nevermind. Show's over; go back to your lives (assuming any of you have lives, of course).

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