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 Real name: Andreas Kjeldsen[1]
 Age range: 27-28
 Gender: Male
 Locale: Copenhagen, Denmark.
 Stance: theist
 Misc.: historian
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AKjeldsen is the sixth user who appeared in the user creation logs. He is probably one of the cabal members.

Self confessed God-botherer, AKjeldsen is perhaps an unusual figure amongst the atheists and agnostics who make up the majority of the population of RW. Although he is an active editor he usually takes pains not to allow his own beliefs to intrude too much upon the rationalists. However, when he is having a bad day, a streak of holy fire sometimes shows through.

Perhaps because of their differing points of view he is sometimes known to clash with SusanG, their most notable confrontation to date being the Kip the Dip Incident.

He is also the author of the Conservapedia column.

Notes and references

  1. AKjeldsen's real name outed on RationalWiki here.
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