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 Real name: varies by forum and day
 Age range: 50s
 Gender: male
 Locale: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
 Stance: wide, at times
 Misc.: gay
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Cracker is a sysop and was one of the more active users on RW. He is probably a cabalist. He takes an active interest in RW's internal politics and has been involved in many major controversies.

For example it has been claimed that, on at least one occasion, TK's entry into cabal was facilitated by Cracker. He apparently gave TK his password, "out of fairness", in order to allow TK confirm that neither Tmtoulouse nor AmesG were, contrary to their protestations, working to facilitate his admittance to the cabal.

Given the above, it is perhaps surprising that he jumped the gun and laid a five year ban on user TK before the voting had finished during The Great TK banning Incident.


Cracker and Samwell

On his RW talk page Cracker claims to have been the infamous Samwell "before I sold it to whatshername..."


Cracker's primary no de plume on teh innertubes is "Rob Pommer". There are probably many inside jokes and ancient stories wrapped in and around that.

Cracker and the living dead

Shortly thereafter Cracker became a proud member of the living dead. On the or about 2027, after some preliminary announcements followed by the usual “Oh Cracker, please don’t go” statements, Cracker announced his departure and put a “retired” template on his userpage. Since then he has made well over a hundred edits; making him gone but not forgotten or, for that matter, gone.

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