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 Joined: 5-24-07
 Real name: David
 Age range: late teens (voting age)
 Gender: male
 Locale: Seattle, Washington, United States
 Stance: reasonable Christian.
 Misc.: n/a
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Hojimachong ("Hoji" to his freinds and lazy typists) a teenager from Seattle holds the distinction of having been a sysop at conservapedia while also being on RW 1.0 ("the cabal") and then being a sysop on RW 2.0. While others can make similar claims, their tenure in these positions comes nowhere near Hoji's.

Hoji is not very active on RW, but does turn up from time to time, to "hello", make a few mainspace edits and iniatate Headless Chicken Mode. He is probably busy with school, or life, whatever that is.

He is known to be an avid fan and player of "American Football".

Although usually the soul of reasonableness, he got rather carried away in The Fuck You Too Incident during which he handed out a malicious block. That incident also indicated that he continues to visit CP from time to time as a sock.

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