Don't Panic

From Brass Goggles

From all over the aetherweb, lords and rogues alike have been clamouring, panicked, in a mad struggle to retrieve their stories, continue their RPs, and find lost loved ones. This page, hopefully, will alert others to the status of various threads and people.

All are advised to examine the Outages page for emergency procedures.

[edit] Resurrected RP threads

Steam London: Currently trying to recover players at Spare Goggles

The Daring Adventures of the HMS Ziggurat: Vol. 1: Currently trying to recover players at Spare Goggles - So far: Captain McCannon, Estella Griffin, Seaman Nathaniel Bently, Adelaide Braun

Pirate Solidarity Thread: Unknown

Fight for the Skies: Unknown

Werewolves of London: Unknown

[edit] Brass Goggles users who have migrated to Spare Goggles

Armored-Rah, BaronPablo, Ben Hudson, Esq., blackrider23, Bolshevik Simian, Captain Dave Hakwer, Captain McCannon, Captain Monty Gearhertz, CaptainPhania, chicar, clairedelune, Commander Obadiah, CrimsonNocturn, Demiurge, dman762000, Dr. Oliver Cross, Ella Kremper, Em, emmeline_x, Ezra Fersythe, Flonker, Gadd, GarethG, Gazongola, Hepzibah, Herr Doktor, Honeythorn, Horse Brass, Hydrargyrum, Ironwood, ixiana, James Harrison, Jemima Annabelle Clough, JingleJoe, joshua_marsh, Kabuki, Khai, Kirsty, Lady Penelope, lilibat, Mad Maxine, markf, miimno, Miss Gaslight (Stella Gaslight), Mister Griffiths, MPsy, Mrs. Sullivan, ms_boo_dreadful, neon_suntan, Nikola Tesla, OldProfessorBear, Professor George of Chaos, The Vancouver Air Privateer, Captain_Drew_the_IX,HAC. Thomas William Taylor the Third

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