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Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Captain McCannon (real name Andi) is primarily a writer, though she is more skilled with literature of the sci-fi and straight historical nature, rather than steampunk (though she does try). Steamy art, however, is a field that she's rather better in. The Brass Goggles wiki was created by her, though credit for the idea goes to MPsy.

When not prancing about in steamy militaria and whacking Adelaide Braun and Hawkes-Leggett upside the head, she can be seen geeking it up on the �¦thernet, getting punched in mosh pits, writing, skanking, playing video games, and blowing shit up with her blunderbuss pistol, Philly.

She has been published numerous times a variety of literary magazines and online publications, through both competitions and as a freelance writer.

[edit] Persona

Captain Iphigenia Maximillienne Fenway McCannon

Other RP Characters:

Emmeline Finnegan

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