James Harrison

From Brass Goggles

James discovered steampunk at a fairly young age through his love of steam engines and other Victorian/Edwardian mechanical marvels.

The concept of taking this fond regard for an anachronistic neo-Victorian technology and making it the basis of a whole lifestyle first took root whilst at university where he met others with a similar predispoition, and within no time he was dressing like a Victorian dandy, avidly re-reading his Verne and Wells collections and introduced to the music of Abney Park and Vernian Process.

In the course of doing this he became something of a notorious character on campus, being referred to as 'that other Victorian guy', a friend a year older having the honour of being the first.

Having completed his degree he now resides in Staffordshire, and is patiently regarded by friends and family as being a bit of an eccentric, something he is entirely comfortable with.

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