Estella Griffin

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[edit] Early History

Youngest of three sisters. Her father was a mad scientist named Timothy that was killed in his attempt at making a vacuum airship and her mother Eleanore was a laundress down in the village. Being the youngest meant she spent more time with her father than than her older sisters her perpetually busy mother. Seeing her as a chance to create a legacy he taught her all about how to be a proper mad scientist.

Forbidden from following in her fathers footsteps after his death she decides to to the closest thing the can think of and joined her eldest sister in the tailor shop. Is fired after blowing up said shop and forcibly (There were pitchforks and a mob involved.) decides to seek her fortune in the wide world.

[edit] The HMS Ziggurat

A job was a very good thing to have and being a crew member Ziggurat in particular seamed to be a good one. Estella was amazed they chose her and still expedited it to be a dream when she woke up. A work space to herself, a nice trunk to store her hoard of books, fabrics and chemicals and they didn't even mind if she occasionally turned herself funny colors or made small clouds of vapors in the pursuit of a luminescent, fireproof and strong fabric skin for airships as long as she got her repairs and new projects done in time. They had even offered her a patch of the envelope to run small scale tests on as long as they would be provided with any advancements she made.

[edit] Currently

Very angry at Giovanni for shooting her out of a tree and wishing he would turn in to a chicken, explode, spontaneously combust or collapse in a twitching heap or some combo of the four.

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