Adelaide Braun

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A skilled, albeit odd, botanist hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. Adelaide is currently the ship's Navigator aboard the HMS Ziggurat.

[edit] Biography

Adelaide Ilaria Braun was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in the spring of 1866 to Elias Braun and Sabela Mackinzey-Donovan. When she was six, Adelaide's parents died in an autogyro accident, leaving her to be raised by her uncle, her non compos mentis grandfather, and a half-witted Irish setter named Sir Amalric. Adelaide's grandfather, Gebhard Braun, was a world famous mad scientist until one of his experiments backfired. He sustained extensive head trauma and now believes himself to be King of the Frost Elves. Adelaide's uncle, Edward Braun, was once an accountant who built autogyros in his spare-time. He is now an ex-accountant who builds autogyros all of the time.

Adelaide was home-schooled, resulting in an extensive if somewhat inaccurate education in geography and science. At the age of twelve she became interested in botany and began spending all of her time in the woods outside of the city where she befriended local hermits, trappers, and moonshiners. Eventually, her inaccurate education in geography caused her to become quite lost. She soon found herself caught in bar-fight in San Francisco, where she met Captain Iphigenia McCannon. While strategically retreating Captain McCannon mentioned that she was in the market for a crew and Adelaide jumped at the chance to go somewhere bereft of heavily armed and angry people throwing glass bottles at one other. She has been the HMS Ziggurat's Navigator ever since.

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