The Vancouver Air Privateer

From Brass Goggles

The Vancouver Air Privateer is, in fact, the Vancouver Air Privateer. He is totally unique in his being an air privateer from Vancouver. There are privateers outside of Vancouver and many things in Vancouver, but of those, he is the only Privateer, at least of the Air variety. If this is not clear - he is the one and only V.A.P. Note the bold text on one and only. That is how singular he is. And he is darned proud of it.

Kinda lonely too.

While claiming Air Privateer as a title, he has yet to be hired for this purpose. He prefers Privateer over Pirate, as he is a fine upstanding gentleman who will not steal, kill or disrespect (Without good reason, that is.) He is in an endless crusade against the "dregs of humanity", as he will sometimes say when particularly bitter. This war usually manifests itself in mental assaults, flabbergasting the small minds of those who dare oppose him and directly dueling those who confront him.

His base of operations is the Airship Landeythan, currently in the testing phase. Besides his vigilante work, he is a casual, erratic writer of sorts. Some of these ramblings deal with various Steampunk worlds he has visited, others are a bit less lucid.

(May also be located under the name of simply "Vancouver Air Privateer" or "The V.A.P." Often refered to in casual terms as VAP, Vap, etc.)

The irregular manic scrawlings retrieved from capsules dropped from the Landeythan can be found here.

VAP's Writings

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