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Vampire is an Arcade game mode. It is similar to Elimination, but has the extra factor that it requires the player to continue getting kills, or their blood will run out, thus they die and loose a life.


Like in Elimination, the player has a set amount of lives, and they must succeed in being the last player with at least 1 life left, or the player with the most lives left in the case of a time limit. However, in Vampire, the player has a certain amount of "blood", depicted by a red bar, which they must keep full or they will die and loose a life. The bar can be kept full by killing other players.
The speed at which blood goes down is called "bloodlust", which can be set to low, medium, or high. When bloodlust is low, the blood goes down at a rather slow rate, while when high the player really needs to kill in order to survive.

Games and Unlocks

Vampire is only available in TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect. In TSFP Vampire is available from the start, while in TS2 you need to complete Arcade League (Beginner's) > It's a Blast > Demolition Derby with a bronze or higher.


First of, Vampire should be played with the maximum number of players. Medium bloodlust is best. As for maps, here are good ones for Vampire:

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