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Flame Tag

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Flame Tag is an Arcade game mode in which one player starts off as "it" and tries to tag the other players. The player who's "it" is on fire, thus the name Flame Tag.



The aim of Flame Tag is to be the person who is tagged for the shortest time. The one who is tagged is easily recognizable because they are on fire (NOTE: They are not damaged by the fire, although they can be damaged by fire from weapons such as the Flamethrower). A human player never starts out being tagged, although you can spawn very close to the person does. You should play with a time limit, otherwise the game won't end, as the winner is decided by who was tagged for the shortest amount of time.


To tag someone, the "it" person must touch someone else, but that's not all. If the tagged person dies and someone walks over the dead body while the body is still alight, that person will assume the flame. The tagged person can kill someone and still tag them by walking over the body before the player respawns. This only works in TS2.


Similarly to Virus, create a weapon set with no weapons, so that you can't simply shoot the person who's on fire if they come towards you (otherwise it would be too easy). However, if you like shooting at everything that moves, weapons are good. Although selecting a map with lots of dead ends is perfect for this type of game, it may also prove to be very frustrating. A map where you can never truly be stuck can be fun as well, because then, incase you do get tagged, it's harder to tag others. All in all, play according to your tastes.


Sometimes when the CPU who is tagged dies, he may not spawn causing no one alive to tag people. Instead, the CPU will just lie there on fire and no one can take the flame from him. This happens alot in TS2 on Mapmaker maps.


There is a glitch to have more than 1 person being it.

1- Select to edit/make a new mapmaker level.

2- Set all the weapons to flamethrowers.

3- Now go to preview in the menu, select flame tag.

4- Normaly flamethrowers will not be allowed in flame tag, but in the preveiw the flamethrowers are allowed, if you get someone on fire, they will become another person who is "it" (NOTE: do not try this with robots in the AI set, as they can not be tag when exploting this glitch)

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