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Capture the Bag

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

In Capture the Bag, each team has a suitcase which acts as their base. The objective is to fight your way to the other team's bag and steal it, returning it to your own base to score points. The first team to reach the target score, or with the most points at the end of the game, wins the match. If a character carrying a bag dies, they drop the bag. If this bag is then collected by its own team, it is instantly transported back to their base. However, it can just as easily be picked up by another member of the opposing side, in which case it will stay with that player until either they are killed or they succeed in returning it to their own bag base. The game mode is similar to Capture the Flag from other FPS games.

In the original TimeSplitters anywhere between two and four teams could take part in a Capture the Bag match, but this has been reduced to just two in subsequent games, perhaps because a four-way Capture the Bag game proved a little too frantic. The bags in the first game would also change in appearance depending on the theme of the level being played. (Duty Free in Spaceways, Bones in the Graveyard.) In later games, however, the bags are just generic coloured briefcases regardless of the map. Another alteration is that in TimeSplitters 2 and Future Perfect it is impossible to score if your own bag has been stolen; it must be recovered first. In TimeSplitters the presence of your own bag had no impact on your ability to score points.

TimeSplitters 2 Glitch

A rather annoying glitch in the second game can occur during Capture the Bag matches. If a bot on the enemy team succeeds in taking your bag to their base, only to find their own bag has been stolen, it will stand on the spot, unable to score. (The same occurs in Future Perfect.) However, when you go to retrieve your bag, the moment you damage the bag man he will score, even though his bag is not there and scoring should be theoretically impossible. It is unknown if this glitch appears outside the PlayStation 2 version of the game, but it has been fixed in Future Perfect.

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