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Cat Bomber

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Cat Bomber is a mode created by TSFP player BAdaSS Cyb0rg. In Cat Bomber, each team plays in a specifically designed mapmaker map, the map consists of two rooms at each end with a corridor linking them both.

The players cannot go through the corridor and kill the other team, but instead they have a set of Strudels and a constant supply of Remote Mines. Each team places the remote mines upon the strudels then drive them to the other base and near an oppponent before detonating to score a kill. To prevent from getting killed, a team can intercept a Strudel with a mounted remote turret in the corridor.

Team players can co-operate so that one player drives the cat, and one player detonates the mines. This allows you to drive the cat back to your base.

There are a few variations of the Cat Bomber map, as well as BAdaSS Cyb0rg's official maps, a revamped map made by Xylaquin called "Cat Bomber X1" is also available.

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