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Demolition Derby

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Demolition Derby
Game TS2
League Amateur League
Section It's a Blast
Mode Deathmatch
Map Scrapyard
Character R-109
Enemies Encountered ChassisBot x2
SentryBot x2
Rewards Bronze: Robot Factory
Silver: Female Trooper, Male Trooper
Gold: Vampire
Medal Requirements Bronze:1st
Silver: 1st and 15 Kills
Gold: 1st and 25 Kills

Demolition Derby, like the two previous matches in the It's a Blast Series, features only Rocket Launchers.


There's nothing like high explosives for reducing ChassisBots to chassis bits. The game lasts 4 minutes... Make sure you score top!


This is an all out bomb fest! Since everyone starts out with a Rocket Launcher, it's safe to fire off a lot of rockets without worrying too much about running out of ammo. The centre of the Scrapyard has the most traffic, so camp out there and fire away.

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