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The Challenges are similar in premise to Arcade League. In TimeSplitters 1's Challenge Mode, there are both unique challenges and missions that can be recreated in Arcade Custom.
In TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Challenge scenarios cannot be easily replicated due to increased complexity.
Most of the challenges have a mini-game feel to them and the objectives are often more absurd than those in the League. Completing challenges unlocks characters and other awards for Arcade Custom.


1-A: Behead The Undead
1-B: Putrid Punchout
1-C: Dusk of the Dead

2-A: Flock Around The Dock
2-B: Dock Duck Shoot
2-C: Crispy Duck

3-A: Tin Man Trial
3-B: Lobster Run
3-C: Bowl them Over

4-A: Shame if Something got Broken
4-B: Don't Wait Around
4-C: Brick Flung High

5-A: First Impressions
5-B: Lasting Impressions
5-C: Who's he Trying to Impress?

6-A: Barrel Blast
6-B: Bodyguard
6-C: Heist

7-A: Shop 'Til you Drop
7-B: Sorry, Was That Your Bag?
7-C: Everyone Must Go!

8-A: Girls 'n' Boys
8-B: Dinner Dates
8-C: Bone Grab

9-A: I Can't Hear Anyone Screaming
9-B: Flight Delay
9-C: Space Vandals

TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
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