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Sergio's Last Stand

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Sergio's Last Stand
Game TS2
Section Behead The Undead
Map Circus
Character Sergio
Enemies Encountered Sewer Zombie
Rewards Silver: Sergio
Medal Requirements Bronze: 5,000 points
Silver: 15,000 points
Gold: 25,000 points
Platinum: 35,000 points

Sergio's Last Stand is a Challenge Mode level in TimeSplitters 2. Sergio faces off against a never-ending horde of zombies. The goal is to get as many points as you can by shooting off heads and arms without dying.


This challenge can be quite difficult. The only weapon available is the Tactical 12-Gauge. The best strategy here is to circle around the room without going out of bounds and use the secondary firing function of the 12-Gauge that fires 2 rounds of the shotgun. This will usually kill the zombies in one shot. After a few rounds, some of the spawning zombies will be on fire. Avoid being caught by the flame. If you do catch fire, you can use the Fire Extinguisher behind the poles to put yourself out. Just continue to circle the room without letting any zombies get behind you or corner you. If you run out of ammo, Shotgun ammo respawns every round in the middle of the room. Try to avoid getting hurt during the rounds because you will receive extra points for being uninjured.

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