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Rare or Well Done?

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Rare or Well Done?
Section Behead The Undead
Map Mansion Of Madness - Kitchen area
Character Gaston Boucher
Enemies Encountered Infinity Carrion Carcass
Rewards Carrion Carcass
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10000 points
Silver: 20000 points
Gold: 30000 points
Platinum: 40000

Rare or Well Done? is a TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Challenge. It involves exploding as many Carrion Carcasses as possible, this getting you points to gain the medals and rewards.


Sacre bleu! It's Gaston Boucher's worst nightmare! Just when he though it was safe to buy English meat, his cold room breaks down and now the kitchen is overrun by mad undead cows. There's only one cure - triple inoculation. Depeche-toi. Gaston!


On the first wave, run and look out the left door, shoot the cow, then run and look right to shoot the cow, then run back and shoot the other one.

In wave 2, run left shoot the cow. Run white and quickly shoot the cow. Turn round and blast the cow that should be approaching you. Run to the left door, shoot the cow. Run to the right door, shoot the cow. Turn round, shoot the cow that's right in front of you, ago the left door shoot the cow. Got it?

Most of the darts, should be outside your area, if you can, pick them up.

For Wave 3, left, right, right, left, left, right, right, right, left.

For the rest of the waves, look left and right and kill the cows closest. At the beginning still kill one cow, or cows for later on. Keep running away and injecting them. And some cows come through the floor. When you get stuck, shoot them and run. You'll lose a bit of health and kill multiple. Using this strategy, you can easily get a silver. Do well you can get a gold, and even a platinum isn't too impossible.Whats frustrating about this challenge though, is that everytime your cornered, you have to blow up the cows which makes you lose health.

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