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Banana Chomp

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

The "Gone Bananas" Challenge

Banana Chomp is a section of the TimeSplitters 2 Challenges.


The Challenges included in Banana Chomp are:


Each of these Challenges are centered around the NPC Jojo the Monkey and his bananas. In Gone Bananas and Monkey Business, you must collect all of Jojo's bananas. Monkey Business has the added challenge of avoiding zombies.

In Playing with Fire, the roles of the characters have been reversed. Jojo is the "bad guy" because he set your character, a Wood Golem, on fire. Your objective in this Challenge is to collect as many of his bananas as possible before you die.

The Banana Chomp Challenges take place in the Aztec.

All three Challenges have strict time limits, which can make them exceedingly difficult at times. Because these challenges are centered around Monkey, Banana Chomp is seen by some as another indicator of Free Radical Design's obsession with monkeys.

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