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Glimpse of Stocking

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Glimpse of Stocking
Section TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
Map Hotel
Character Mr. Underwood
Enemies Encountered Arthur Aching
Clip Clamp
Berserker Splitter
Daisy Dismay
Gaston Boucher
Gideon Gout
Gilbert Gastric
Rewards Bronze: Mr. Underwood
Medal Requirements Bronze: 6 min
Silver: 4 min
Gold: 3 min
Platinum: 2 min 40 secs
World Record: 1 min 13.1 secs

Glimpse of Stocking is a TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Challenge. It works just like the TimeSplitters 1 Story levels. Mr. Underwood has to run through the Hotel to pick up a Gentlemen's Magazine and then return back up the final staircase to the portal.


It's been conniptions and collywobbles all around since Mr Underwood misplaced some important 'artistic' documents. All is not lost though, by dual wielding his trusty pistols (that's double guns to us ordinary folk) it shouldn't take too long to recover his Victorian Gentleman's magazines and make a mad dash for the time portal.


The easiest method of obtaining a Platinum on this level isn't shooting the Zombies in the head with your Kruger 9mm, the easiest method is to gun-whip them.

Run into the enemies and gunwhip their heads off, if you keep missing, they'll eventually die because it hurts more than shooting, but most of the time you'll knock their heads off.

Also, either gunwhip the zombies on fire as you'll only lose a bit of health, but you'll barely lose any in the long run, or you can let them burn to death, and just forget about them. Most of the flame zombies appear behind you so let them die while you concentrate on gunwhipping the flame zombies ahead, that is if they don't burn before you get to them.

As with the Story classics on TSFP, unlike the TimeSplitters 1 Story levels, you have to kill all the zombies before proceeding to further areas. But, you can just run through them if you gunwhip them losing almost no time, but don't run ahead without killing them all.

Once the door is open in the big hall for you to exit the Hotel to the outside, as soon as you've picked up the Gentlemen's Magazine, run back, up the stairs, across the hall dodging and shooting (or gunwhipping) the Berserkers, run back up the halls and straight ahead to the portal.

Health isn't that much of a worry if you follow this strategy. The health you do lose will be mostly from Berserker bolts and Flamed Zombies and the few zombies hitting you. This strategy should secure a Platinum if done correctly, and maybe after a few attempts.

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