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Mr. Underwood

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Mr. Underwood
Unlocked by TS2: Default
TS3: Challenge > Timesplitters
'Story' Classic > Glimpse of
Stocking with Bronze or Better
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy 8
Agility TS2:3
Stamina TS2:7
Fire Proof 5
Shock Proof 5
Default AI TS2:4
Native TimeZone 1895
First Appearance TS2 Story Mode
Relations N/A
Games TS2, TSFP
TS1 Gesture N/A TSFP Gesture Appears inside of an action figure package and says "I say, it's rather warm in here."
TS2 Gallery Mr. Underwood has debunked table-rappers and fake mystics all over England. Reports of true supernatural phenomena have brought him to Paris. He has joined forces with the lady Viola to share intelligence in the battle against Jacques de la Morte. TSFP Gallery Mr. Underwood reckons the undead are a load of poppysticks and cockyfiddle, or should that be poppycock and fiddlesticks? Anyway, if they do exist they had better watch out for the business end of his shotgun.

Mr. Underwood has very little information on him, making him one of the more mysterious characters of the series. He appears to be from England, and his galleries state that he is somewhat of a zombie vigilante. His motives for his actions are unknown, but we do know that he enjoys beheading zombies in his spare time. His weapon of choice is his trusty doubled barreled Shotgun.


Norte Dame 1895

In Timesplitters 2, Mr. Underwood aids Viola on her mission to stop Jacque de la Morte and his fiendish plans. He helps Viola defeat The Cropolite and rescuses several of the captured Maidens, before aiding Viola in the final showdown with Jaques on the rooftops.

TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic

Mr Underwood stars in two of the Timesplitters 'Story' Classic Challenges, Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time in TimeSplitters 2 and Glimpse of Stocking in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.


  • Appearance: Sherlock Holmes style attire, pocket watch, waistcoat and swanky hat.
  • Distinguishing Features: All-in-one sideburn to moustache combo that hides the grin after unloading the contents of the shotgun.
  • Likes: Tweed suits. Good manners.
  • Dislikes: Anybody showing a lack of respect to both him and the shotgun.


  • Mr Underwood is possibly based on Mr. Underwood from "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, since the Mr. Underwood in the novel is described to as well use a "double-barreled shotgun", in which where Atticus is confronted by an angry mob in Maycomb Prison.
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