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Captain Ash

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Captain Ash
Unlocked by Default
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy 8
Agility TS2:3
Stamina TS2:6
Fire Proof 5
Shock Proof 5
Default AI 4
Native TimeZone 1920-35
First Appearance TS1, Story Mode
Relations Jungle Queen (Lover)
Games All

Captain Ash is a recurring character, having appeared in all three Timesplitters games. He is playable in the first two and appears as a main character in the second level of TimeSplitters Future Perfect, alongside the Jungle Queen.

"Tally ho! This is the life! Wind in your hair and a big weapon in your hand!"
- Captain Ash

TS1 Gesture Takes a water flask out his jacket, raises it and says "Cheers!", then drinks it all down. He throws the flask off screen then whipes his face. TSFP Gesture Makes boxing/punching movements whilst saying "Ooh! Time for fisty-cuffs, splendid!"
TS2 Gallery Adventurer extraordinaire, Capt. Ash's exploits have carried him to the four corners of the earth. He's always accompanied by the most glamorous assistants and never averse to stopping for a spot of afternoon tiffin. Just to keep the pecker up, you understand- Tally ho! TSFP Gallery On returning from his Amazonian adventures, the esteemed Captain Ash has been enjoying traditional hospitality in bonny Scotland. Although with the company of the Jungle Queen during those dark Caledonian nights it�s been less of the Robbie Burns and more of the carpet variety...



Little is truly known about Captain Ash's background, though it is suspected that he served in the infantry during the Boer War towards the end of the 19th Century as a teenager, before becoming an officer and a Captain in the trenches of World War One. After the war, he retired from the military to set out on adventures of his own, traveling the world. One of his first stops would be the Amazon Jungle.

1920 Aztec, Guatemala

"Aha! The crystal! I've got you by jingo."
- Captain Ash

In TimeSplitters 2, Captain Ash appeared in the Aztec Level alongside his lover, the Jungle Queen. He set out to retrieve the time crystal scattered at that location with the aid of a group of mysterious yet helpful monkeys, encountering Aztec Warriors and Stone Golems. However, his military training came in handy and he managed to enter the Aztec Temple before finding the time crystal.

1924 Scotland The Brave, Island

In the third game he was shown again in the story during 1924 in an apparently hushed up incident involving what appears to be Russian soldiers taking a Scottish isle for an unknown reason at that point in the game. He was still madly in love with the Jungle Queen, and once more was on a mission to rescue her from the island before the British Navy attacked the Russian soldiers at the island. While rowing out to the island, he encountered Sergeant Cortez, who had time traveled to that location and time frame. The two partnered up, stormed the castle on the island, and rescued the Jungle Queen. However, Cortez went on when Ash traveled off the island, apparently rowing into the sunset with the Jungle Queen.

1935 Tomb, Egypt

The first recorded appearance of Captain Ash is, ironically, his last one chronologically. He is introduced in the first TimeSplitters game, but is not a character of great importance, only appearing in the Egypt level, which reveals his search for an Ankh which he can use to stop a ritual. He appeared alongside Lady Jayne in this level. At the end of his adventures in Egypt, it is uncertain just what happened to either of them, but it is likely that Ash's adventures were far from over.

Lady Jayne/Jungle Queen?

"(Speaking with the Jungle Queen) They made you do what? LIKE A MONKEY? THOSE BOUNDERS!"
- Captain Ash

Where exactly the Jungle Queen was in the Egypt level from TS1 is not known, but it is theorised that she took on a proper name and became a dignified lady, and that lady is Lady Jayne. This idea is backed up by the Jungle Queen's gesture "You Tarzan, me Jane, let me show you how we do it in the jungle".

However, Lady Jane worked with Jake Fenton, PI in Chicago in 1932, where she owned a prominent detective agency. However we know this is not the same person because her TS2 Gallery profile says that she lived in Switzerland and attended (but later skipped) a school there "This hot-blooded socialite skipped Swiss finishing school to set up her own Private Investigation Agency in Chicago." It could perhaps be a case of Captain Ash having met or heard of Lady Jane and her detective agency and used her name for his lover.


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  • In Scotland The Brave, Captain Ash gives Cortez instructions on how to use dynamite. Anya then says that she thinks the Captain has "done this before." This could be a reference to the Egyptian level of the original TimeSplitters game, where the player- who had the option to play as Ash, among others- used dynamite as a weapon. However, his visit to Egypt came eleven years later.


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