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Lady Jayne

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Lady Jayne
Unlocked by Default
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy N/A
Agility N/A
Stamina N/A
Fire Proof N/A
Shock Proof N/A
Default AI N/A
Native TimeZone 1935
First Appearance TS1 Story Mode
Relations N/A
Games TS1

Lady Jayne is the aid of Captain Ash in the Tomb mission in TimeSplitters 1.

TS1 Gesture Says "Ok!" then shoots her Tommy Gun around the screen. TSFP Gesture N/A
TS2 Gallery N/A TSFP Gallery N/A


Lady Jayne is not to be confused with Lady Jane who aided Jake Fenton in Chicago in TimeSplitters 2. Lady Jayne is believed by some to be a dignified Jungle Queen, this theory is somewhat confirmed by Jungle Queen's gesture in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect in which she says "You Tarzan, me Jane. Let me show you how we do it in the jungle." Although Jungle Queen and Lady Jayne look somewhat dissimilar, so it's unknown whether or not they are the same person.

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