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The Hotel in Chicago

Chicago is the second level in TimeSplitters 2's Story Mode. In it, you are Jake Fenton, an ex-cop turned detective looking to get revenge on Big Tony.


Prologue Events

It is believed the TimeSplitters have infiltrated Big Tony's mob. They go about unseen and protected in the crime-ridden streets of downtown Chicago. Big Tony and his gang are unaware of the true identity of the evil creatures, they are just interested in the jewel and the promise of more from their newfound friends. There is one person willing to give information on the whereabouts of the crystal. Careful with your rendezvous, the streets are pretty volatile.


1932 CHICAGO - Downtown

Big Tony's operations have got a little out of hand. It seems his mob isn't content with running bootleg liquor and the usual protection rackets.

Word on the street is that Tony has knocked off a shipment of priceless gemstones and he's bringing his brother in to expand operations.

He isn't counting on a hard boiled detective like Jake Fenton showing up... Tony's hiding out in the Sunrise Club, an exclusive speakeasy - his goons don't like strangers showing up unannounced so you'll need to get a membership card. Marco the Snitch should be able to help you out.

Primary Objectives

  • Drain all whiskey barrels (Normal/Hard)
  • Rendevous with your informant (All)
  • Obtain the membership card (All)
  • Eliminate Big Tony (All)
  • Retrieve the Time Crystal (All)
  • Stop Tony's brother from escaping (Hard)
  • Protect Marco the Snitch (All)
  • Escape through the Time Portal (All)

Secondary Objectives

  • Drain three whiskey barrels (Easy)
  • Stop Tony's brother from escaping (Easy/Normal)


Enemies Encountered


Used with permission from SuperNova

Easy Strategy

Once you start, go onto the balcony on your right and walk right to the end of it. You'll see a guard walking with his back to you down by the boat. Wait for him to stop then take aim with your rifle and pop him in the head. Then drop down through the opening in the railing and collect some sniper ammo on a box-top before getting off the boat and going to collect the dead guy's ammo. Turn left up some steps and turn left again. Another gangster will spot you, so kill him. Then look at the barrel on your right labelled "O'Leary's". Shoot it right at the bottom so that it empties completely (1 of 3 barrels emptied). Now go up the stairs and look through the window ahead. Using your sniper, get a head shot on the guy standing guard below you. Then turn the corner and descend more steps. Opposite you is another barrel - shoot that too (2 of 3 barrels emptied). Behind you is and opening and a guard standing with his back to you. Shoot him in the head and exit the docks.

Out on this street is a ringing telephone booth to your right. Go over to it and press the action button to receive a phone call from Marco. He'll tell you to meet him by the news stand down the main street. Walk down the street, catching the Tommy gun-wielding guard in the opening on the right unawares. Collect his gun and walk a little further. A car will suddenly pull out in front of you - immediately blast away at it with your Tommy gun. Hopefully, when your clip is empty, the car will lose a wheel and veer out of control. This finishes an objective for you (stop Tony's brother).

Further down the street, near bar called "O'Leary's", is an opening on the right containing sniper and Tommy gun ammo, as well as some much needed armour. There is also the final barrel which you should drain (secondary objective complete). Ignore the bar and turn the next corner. On the left is a stand, and near it is Marco the Snitch. Walk up to him and he'll start walking away. You'll need to protect him now. Look ahead and shoot a guard, then turn around and shoot another behind you. Another one will appear in front of Marco, and soon afterwards one will be behind you. Kill them all before they hurt Marco. When you turn the corner look up immediately to see a sniper on a balcony. Kill him straight away.

Marco will walk a little more (why does he have to be slow?) then he'll tell you to "get inside" and will walk up to a small room. Look to the right and shoot another of Tony's men then follow him into the room and, as per his instructions, take the pass on the table on the left. This will complete two objectives - get the pass and protect Marco.

Follow the road and you'll see a large building with the sign "HOTEL" on it a little further ahead. A gangster will appear on the right side, so take him out, collect his ammo and turn around. Behind you is his friend - give him the same treatment. Look down behind him with your sniper rifle and take out the guy behind some glass further down the road. Then activate the gate on your left to enter Big Tony's club. From where you enter shoot two guards across the courtyard and walk through the gateway they were guarding. You will be told that the time crystal has been located, so walk through this restaurant area then exit on the other side. Go through the door with the sign "members only". Kill the guard you see on the right, then drop down between the steps and the wall for some armour. Now open the doors to enter the Sunrise Club, where Tony resides.

Walk forward to the reception area and a gangster will rush forward to confront you. Kill him then walk around a wooden partition on the left to get two Tommy guns. Walk through the small hall and a kill a goon dressed in white who will shoot from around a corner up ahead. Go through the room with a pillar then enter the large room. There will be some dialogue, but you should ignore it and run up the stairs ahead of you. Turn left - Big Tony will be standing there, so empty your clips into him then collect the crystal by his body. Turn around and blast the scourge splitter then exit through the time portal.

Normal/Hard Strategy

You start in the same place as usual, but in Hard mode the enemies can shoot you while you're on the balcony and behind the window. Head out onto the balcony perpendicular to the window room and shoot the guy walking to the right of the boat with his back to you. Aim down to the entrance of the boat (the wooden plank) and head shot another guard down here. Then look up-left off scope mode, strafe to narrowly dodge a bullet from the guy there and shoot him too. If you pull this off correctly you can head shot all three of them with no damage to you. There are many ways of doing that part and you may wish to formulate a method of your own.

Drop down onto the boat and take out your pistol. Advance out and face the wall to the left of the doorway leading into the warehouse. Strafe out and shoot the guard wandering just inside then mercilessly pump him with lead. He will reel in pain, unable to shoot back. Walk over to the little alcove in the wall containing a barrel and shoot it at the bottom to ensure all whiskey is drained (1/4). Walk up the stairs and strafe out around the wooden screen. A guard is standing here with his side to you. If he sees you you'll have to improvise and strafe like hell to dodge the bullets of the other two guard who will appear as a result of your mistake. Otherwise, pop him with your pistol.

Go up to his body and look through the window on the left with your sniper rifle. Head shot the guard standing below. Descend the next stairs and turn right at the bottom. A guard will be patrolling just here, so make sure you get the first shot in and exploit his spasms off pain to give yourself an opportunity to finish him off. Turn back to the chamber looked onto from upstairs and shoot the barrel in the top-left corner (2/4). Now you can exit the warehouse onto the street.

Before you step out onto the road aim up at the window on the left. Head shot the sniper with your own rifle. Go right up the road and activate the phone at the end ("It's Marco..." blah blah blah). Look up the street into the little alcove on the right and lodge a bullet into the skull of the Tommy Gun guard standing there. Go and get his gun then walk a few more steps before a car come tearing round the corner. Empty a few bullets into it (doesn't take many) and smoke will emerge from the engine. At the point you can just continue your journey as the car will simply crash in a few seconds.

Keep walking up to O'Leary's and look into the alcove on the right. There is armour and ammo (collect) and a barrel (shoot). Why does O'Leary leave his barrels standing about in the street? Enter the bar and walk into the second room with your Tommy Gun ready. Stand on the stage thing and blast, strafe, blast, strafe as the enemies come pouring in. I'm pretty sure there are seven in total. Exit from the other side then turn left and look at the wall opposite the news stand. It's Marco.

He will start walking over to his house, so get your pistol ready and look to the right corner. A goon appears so pump a few bullets into him. Turn to face the same direction as Marco and do this to the guy in front of him. Turn around again and wait a few seconds. You'll have to give the next guard the same treatment. Marco will now be in the next street so aim up at the balcony on the left and take out the sniper up there. There will also be a guard on ground level soon afterwards. Turn around and shoot the final goon threatening Marco then follow the informant into his house. Get the TNT off the table and head over to the tower opposite where you arrived.

You'll descend a short flight of steps that lead into a sort of small underground warehouse. Look left and shoot the guard standing there in the head. Another one appears from the doorway opposite where you came in so kill him too. Run upstairs and look into the small room with a bed. There is armour under the bed. There is also a keen recipient of your ammunition standing at the foot of some more stairs. Shoot him and climb up another spiralling lot of stairs. Another guard waits on this floor, and there is a room with a sniper aiming out of the window. Kill. Up the final flight of steps is Braces, who has a lot of stamina. Get your Tommy Gun out and shoot him (keep going until he drops). The room he was guarding has a safe. Place the TNT on it, stand well back, then collect the shotgun and the pass inside.

The telephone will now ring. Pick it up to hear Marco's annoying voice. There are snipers outside. Great. Go down the first lot of steps to the room where you killed the sniper. There will be bullets whizzing around from snipers outside. The first is located in a window on the right, lower down from where you're standing. Another is on the pavement (sidewalk) at street level. A third one is in a window more or less opposite the window you're standing at. Try to head shot them all, taking minimum damage. You can now safely exit to the street.

There is probably a goon waiting for you here. Blast him and take the road you haven't been down yet, leading to the hotel. Down the right path is a dead end and a guard. Snipe him. Down the left is a guard behind a window at the end of the road and a couple of other enemies prowling around and generally doing their AI stuff. When you've dealt with these threats go left into the courtyard of Tony's club. Checkpoint.

Gun down the two guards on the left and right of the gate across the yard. Go over to the building there and walk through it. At the other side is a closed door. Position yourself so you're facing right when it opens then shoot the guy you see. Another comes running up to you so kill him as well. There's some armour on the floor. Enter the sunrise club and get the two Tommy Guns behind the glass screen in the entrance. Go through to the hall with glass on either side and a goon appears opposite where you arrive. Shoot away.

Keep going to a room with a pillar in the middle. Braces is waiting there (he came back to life, apparently). Gun him and another guard down then face up-right. Keep this position while running into the big chamber where Big Tony is standing. Just concentrate on him and keep pumping out lead. Hopefully you have enough life and ammo to hold out against the other enemies. Run up to Tony's body and get the crystal off him. A Scourge Splitter will appear in front of the portal on the stairs. Empty your final rounds into him and finish the mission.


  • O'Leary's might be a reference to the bar in Perfect Dark.
The pool table in O'Leary's.
  • You can play pool with the pool table in O'Leary's by shooting the balls.
  • The cash register at O'Leary's can be opened to reveal the cash inside.
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