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Lady Jane

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Lady Jane
Unlocked by Defualt
Species Human
Size Normal
Accuracy 8
Agility 6
Stamina 4
Fire Proof N/A
Shock Proof N/A
Default AI 4
Native TimeZone 1932
First Appearance TS2 Story Mode
Relations N/A
Games TS2
TS1 Gesture N/A TSFP Gesture N/A
TS2 Gallery This hot-blooded socialite skipped Swiss finishing school to set up her own Private Investigation Agency in Chicago. A stickler for fashion you'll never catch her with anything but the latest in haute couture and semi automatic weapons. TSFP Gallery N/A


Appearance: Lavish fur coat, glamorous and expensive clothes and confident swagger.

Distinguishing features: The pistol in the garter belt is a bit of a giveaway.

Likes: Presents, teasing other gangsters.

Dislikes: People with no money. Breaking nails.

Weapon of choice: Come to bed eyes. Followed by a shotgun to the back of the head.

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