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Stone Golem

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Stone Golem
Unlocked by TS2: Complete Aztec on Normal/Hard
TS3: Default
Species Golem
Size Large
Accuracy 8
Agility TS2:3
Stamina TS2:9
Fire Proof 8
Shock Proof 8
Default AI TS2:5
Native TimeZone 1920
First Appearance TS2 Story
Relations Wood Golem
Games TS2, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Stone Golem is one of the strongest characters in the games.

TS1 Gesture N/A TSFP Gesture Flexes Arms in front of stomach and grunts.
TS2 Gallery The ancient powers of the Temple of T'hochek have imbued the very rocks with life. These mighty creatures possess the strength of a hundred men. No one has ever dared to ask what they keep in their little sacks. TSFP Gallery The secret's out--he keeps his tiny stones in his little sack.

1920 Aztec Ruins

The Stone Golems guard the Aztec temple, and the Time Crystal itself. The only weapon that can damage them is the Grenade Launcher, which isn't available until the end of the mission. The rest of the Stone Golems can be killed by making them fall down a pit.

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